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When Facebook redesigned Pages in February 2011 one of the features it implemented was the ability for administrators to use Facebook 'as' .a page. When, people “Like” yours page you will soon receive the notifications in the top left corner of Facebook. Yours settings of yours Facebook Page allows to set then default view of yours page and it arranges what you want to see as a default in then posts section of the page.
Published by MOHAN MANOHAR 66 months ago in Facebook | +2 votes | 0 comments
Face book has the option to filter the answers from yours friends and the others. There are many reasons to delete the question which you have posed to Facebook , it is very easy , go to yours question dialogue and then click the title of the question then click on the “Delete” link shown here .
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New Delhi stays the epicenter of urban claustrophobia and spectacular cultural activity. . New Delhi is the shopping capital of Bharat (India).Delhi is big on style and hospitality.Delhi summer can break with indefinite power cuts. Delhi is a seven city conglomerate.the super Delhi Metro Rail Corporation started in December 25, 2002, with 1.14 lakh daily passengers. Now, two million passengers daily, 143 operational stations and 74 trains are running Metro. Women have been given separate coach i...
Published by MOHAN MANOHAR 66 months ago in India | +0 votes | 0 comments